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With Tigerless Health Insurance options, you can stay healthy on your time and your dime.

F1 Health Insurance
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Tigerless Insurance Price vs. Schools’ Insurance Price

F1 Health Insurance

The medical insurance provided by most schools is very
expensive and it is usually mandatory for each F1 student to
have an active health insurance while studying in the U.S. The
good thing is, students can enroll into individual insurance as
long as it meets all the school requirements. Students
participating in the F1 plan could save up to $5,000 each year.

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  • Plans start as low as $30 per month.
  • Save thousands of dollars per year.
  • Stay covered with preventative, and immediate emergency care.
  • Access to Aetna’s nationwide healthcare network.
  • Save time with easy prescription pickup.
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OPT Health Insurance

OPT Health Insurance is here for you when you need it most.
Graduates have a lot to celebrate, but something they often
overlook is the need for their own policy, as schools
traditionally discontinue coverage as soon as diploma is in
hand. OPT saves you the headache of searching for an
affordable plan with some remarkable features.

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  • Plans start as low as $2 per day.
  • Stay covered with basic treatment and ambulatory care.
  • Access to Aetna’s nationwide healthcare network.
  • Policies accept those within the OPT grace period and
    on OPT status.
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H1B Health Insurance

Without employer-provided coverage, many find themselves
turning to the U.S. Health Insurance Marketplace. And medical
insurance in the marketplace is quite expensive, even more
than $1,000 a month.

With Tigerless, you can enjoy rewarding services only for $79
per month. And you can enroll anytime.

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  • Plans start as low as $3.00 per day.
  • Stay covered with basic treatment and ambulatory care.
  • Access to Aetna PPO networks.
  • H1B Visa workers automatically qualify.
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  • F1 Health Insurance
  • OPT Health Insurance
  • H1B Health Insurance
  • 180+
  • 7,000+
  • 1,000,000+
    International Students

Rely On Tigerless Health Insurance

  • Unmatched Savings

    We proudly boast some of the
    lowest premiums in the market
    which save you thousands of dollars
    per year.

  • Aetna Network

    Aetna’s PPO network is one of the
    best in the nation, with prominent
    providers across all 50 states.

  • Rapid ID Card

    No more waiting period to get your
    ID card, we ensure that you get a
    durable, viable insurance card

  • Prescription Drugs

    The most popular pharmacies are
    available to you without any
    additional red tape. Fill your script to
    Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, and
    dozens of others.

  • Emergency Coverage

    Ambulance rides and emergency
    room coverage assure you can
    focus on rest and recovery without
    the added stress of financial

  • Customer Support

    Please feel free to contact us by
    email, ticketing system, phone, and
    24/7 WeChat services. Our
    response time is very fast!

Their rates are so low for the quality of service I got!
Imagine how much I’d have spent on school health
insurance. Their enrollment process was so
straightforward, and their response was instant and
friendly when I needed their assistance. I also got my ID card on time.

-Amelia Zhang

Tigerless Health was able to customize my insurance plan to the length of my stay and process my insurance card quickly. Of all the international student health insurance companies I've checked, I think Tigerless has the best rates. And they're so helpful. Totally recommend them!

-Luka Lee

Tigerless allows me to customize the deductible, which helps me to get the most suitable plan. Their response was so quick and nice even though I needed their help at midnight. Most international students at my university choose Tigerless and save a lot!

-Kathy Wang

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