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Renters Insurance

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Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance

  • Affordable Prices
  • Trusted Partners
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Bilingual Customer Service

Tenant insurance, or renters insurance, is designed for apartment or house renters. It safeguards against losses due to fire, damage, theft, and natural disasters, while also offering liability coverage in case a guest is injured and pursues legal action while in your rented space.

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Designed specifically for people who rent an apartment or house, renters insurance safeguards against losses due to fire, damage, theft, and natural disasters while also offering liability coverage in case a guest is injured in one’s rented space and pursues legal action.

Affordable Prices

Tigerless customizes affordable home insurance with comprehensive coverage, ensuring peace of mind and cost savings aligned with your requirements.

Trusted Partners

Tigerless collaborates with several well-known U.S. insurance companies to provide high-quality and trustworthy service/coverage.

Comprehensive Coverage

Coverage includes clothing, furniture, jewelry, personal accidents, and more: ensuring the safety of your property.

Bilingual Customer Service

Our bilingual service in Chinese and English provides transparent information, bridging any language gaps for confident product purchases and holistic support no matter what.

Frequently Asked Questions

Renters insurance isn't required from a legal perspective, but your landlord or property management company has the right to dictate this as a condition for leasing their property. Be sure to review all requirements before signing a lease agreement, knowing renters insurance offers comprehensive protection for tenants to reduce losses in the case of unexpected events.

Renters insurance is a policy that safeguards tenants' personal belongings (e.g., furniture, appliances, personal items, etc.) during the lease term. It also provides liability coverage, loss coverage, medical payments, and related services to cover medical and/or legal bills if someone becomes injured on the premises at your rental.

① Personal Property Coverage: Pays to repair or replace listed belongings** (furniture, appliances, clothing, etc.) if stolen or damaged.

② Liability Coverage: May help cover another person's medical or property repair expenses after they visit a rented home (including legal fees and settlement costs, if necessary).

③ Loss of Use Coverage: Pays for extra costs when a home becomes uninhabitable.

④ Medical Payments Coverage: Typically covers situations when someone is injured inside your home and incurs medical expenses (usually up to the limit).

*Coverage and payouts may vary by insurer and policy.

**Valuable items such as jewelry and collectibles may need to be listed separately or covered by additional insurance.

① Preventative measures against accidents (e.g., fire prevention)

② Damage from pests such as bed bugs, mice, or cockroaches

③ Structural or permanent fixture losses (e.g., fireplaces)

④ Losses due to tenant lease violations; losses related to tenant vehicles; losses due to war, civil unrest, terrorism, or nuclear events

⑤ Natural disaster losses, unless specifically insured

*Carefully review policy terms before purchasing.

① Location: Renters insurance costs vary by state, with higher premiums in high-risk areas.

② Differences in Coverage: A larger quantity of personal belongings and/or valuable items increase required coverage and premiums.

③ Deductible Amount: Lower deductibles result in higher premiums.

④ Claim History: Making large and/or frequent claims can lead to relatively higher premiums.

*Some apartments may have coverage requirements, making it wise to inquire with management accordingly before investing in a policy.

Renters insurance companies evaluate your losses when you file a claim and then generally offer two payout options:

① Replacement Cost Policy: Reimburses you for the full cost of replacing stolen or damaged items with a new equivalent (e.g., if your laptop is stolen, you receive funds to buy a new laptop of similar value)

② Actual Cash Value Policy: Provides compensation based on the current depreciated value of an item (e.g., if a 5-year-old laptop is stolen, you're reimbursed based on its present value and may thus need to cover the price difference to buy a brand-new model)