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    What is OPT?

    OPT (Optional Practical Training), is a period during students with F-1 status who have completed or have been pursuing their degrees for one academic year to work for one year. Students of STEM programs can apply for an additional 24-month extension of OPT.

    What is OPT health insurance?

    OPT students hold F1 Visa. However, they are not required to maintain health insurance by institutions since they have graduated. OPT students are allowed to seek jobs in all states of the U.S. They are highly recommended to maintain health insurance and there are more flexible options for them.

    There are three types of OPT health insurance:
    1) Employers provide group health insurance. There are only a few companies that provide this benefit for their employees. And interns are generally excluded for this benefit.
    2) Employers afford part of the insurance premium. There are a few companies that provide group health insurance and only afford part of the insurance premium.
    3) Employers don’t provide any health insurance benefits. Most U.S. employers don’t provide any insurance benefits, therefore employees need to purchase individual health insurance plans.

    Why is OPT health insurance necessary?

    Prevent accidents.
    When working or travelling in the U.S., OPT students might get injured and need to get treatment. If they visit the emergency room ,they may be required to show an insurance ID card before getting treatment. Therefore, it could result in a delay in the treatment of diseases if the patients are not enrolled in health insurance plans.

    Avoid sky-high bills.
    While living in the U.S., medical and psychological issues can arise at any time, sometimes without warning. The high cost of healthcare in the U.S. causes a potentially serious financial risk to students. Therefore it is necessary to maintain health insurance for international students.

    Free preventive care benefits.
    Student health insurance will become invalid after graduation. However, it’s necessary to maintain preventive care when living in the U.S. If OPT students are enrolled in Tigerless OPT insurance plan, their preventive care will be totally covered by the insurance company.

    How to choose health insurance for OPT students?

    OPT students should pay attention to these elements when searching for your health insurance plan:


    The insurance premium will increase when the policyholder is older. You can contact Tigerless customer services to learn more affordable plans.

    Provider Network

    Provider networks will directly affect the convenience of seeking medical services and claim efficiency. Aetna, UnitedHealthcare, Anthem, First Health and Blue Cross Blue Shield are well-known provider networks in the U.S.

    Health Insurance Coverage

    F1 student insurance usually covers items such as college health center and emergency care. Generally, dental and Ophthalmology insurance are excluded from U.S. health insurance.

    Customer Service Quality

    Some well-known insurance companies provide 24/7 multi-language customer services. International students are recommended to choose insurance companies that provide high-quality customer services.

    Is Tigerless OPT health insurance plan reliable?

    Tigerless OPT health insurance uses Aetna network, which covers 50 states in the U.S. The coverages include general clinic services, preventive care and emergency care, etc. Tigerless has provided 24/7 online customer services and kept upgrading plans, aiming to meet the medical needs of international students.

    Preventive Care

    For certain products
    Annual Physical Exams
    Mental Health
    Physical Therapy

    Eg: Zhang’s employer doesn’t provide health insurance benefits for him, therefore he purchased an OPT health insurance plan. During high-occurrence seasons for the flu, Zhang got flu shot and HPV immunization. Later, she got a $350 bill. According to Tigerless health insurance policy, the immunization fee will be covered by the insurance company.

    General Clinic Services

    Urgent Care
    Specialist Clinic

    Eg: Huang purchased Tigerless OPT health insurance after he applied OPT. During his graduation trip, Huang suffered a stomachache. He brought an insurance ID card and went to urgent care directly. The doctor diagnosed Huang with gastric ulcer. Huang went to a pharmacy and got prescription drugs. According to Tigerless health insurance policy, Huang should only pay $30 copayment of urgent care, 20% of the treatment fee and $20 copayment of prescription drugs.

    Emergency Care

    Emergency Room

    Eg: Jiang’s employer only affords 50% of the insurance premium and the group health insurance plan provides limited coverage. Therefore he purchased Tigerless OPT health insurance. One day Jiang suffered from pains in his abdomen. He was sent to the emergency room by an ambulance. The doctor gave him a blood test and a CT examination. Jiang was diagnosed with appendicitis and got surgery. Later he received a $28,000 medical bill. According to Tigerless health insurance policy, Jiang should only pay $200 copayment, deductible from the insurance plan, and 20% of the remaining balance.

    Before the purchase

    When can I purchase OPT health insurance?

    Students who are eligible to purchase OPT health insurance, could purchase it after graduation, during OPT/OPT STEM extension and grace period.

    When does the insurance plan become effective?

    Our health insurance can be effective as early as the second day after your purchase.

    Who is eligible to purchase OPT health insurance?

    Students in OPT status or grace period, are eligible to purchase Tigerless OPT insurance. If your Visa is changed to H1B status, please click here to purchase H1B health insurance.

    Where can I check the meaning of insurance terminology?

    Please click here and learn more.

    Purchase process

    What payment methods are accepted by Tigerless?

    We accept payment through credit card, debit card, PayPal, WeChat Pay and Alipay.

    Can I buy a plan on a monthly basis?

    The coverage period of Tigerless health insurance plans start from 3 months and only accept one-time payment.

    How to choose the coverage period?

    You are recommended to start your new coverage period on the expiration date of your last insurance plan. You may purchase a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of one full policy year of coverage at a time.

    Filing claim and getting medical services

    How can I file a claim?

    In general, if you choose an in-network provider, you won’t pay upfront for your medical expenses and will, therefore, avoid the reimbursement procedures. If you have to pay the full amount at the time of service, please collect all your bills/invoices and contact our customer service representative.

    Can I extend or renew my health insurance?

    You can contact our customer service team to renew your plan before the expiration date. Or you can log in your Tigerless account on Tigerless official website (http://tigerless.com) and click “Renew Plan”.

    How can I find in-network doctors/hospitals?

    You can get medical services in any medical institutions. If you need to find in-network doctors/hospitals, please click here to search and make an appointment. Please contact us if you need further assistance.

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