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Insurance for F1

Starts from $30/month

F1 Plan Details

Save up to $4,000/yr

Our F1 plan meets the waiver requirements of most institutions and premium starts from one-fifth of school health insurance's costs. Save big!

Reliable plan & Full coverage

Our plan includes CVS pharmacy network, and Aetna medical network, covers preventive care, general clinic services, emergency care and etc.

Plan for OPT

Starts from $2/day

OPT Plan Details

Flexible Enrollment

  • Policy effective immediately
  • Instant ID card, easy to renew
  • Accept 3-month or longer enrollment

Full Coverage

  • Aetna healthcare network, covering 50 states
  • CVS, the largest pharmacy chain in the U.S.
  • Cover general clinic services, preventive care, emergency care, etc.

Aetna Medical Network

Judy, a junior in C.A., starts her summer internship in NYC. However, school plan only covers local medical network. Luckily, she purchased Tigerless F1 health insurance, which has no restrictions.

  • 1.2 m healthcare providers, covering 50 states
  • Parent company, CVS, the largest pharmacy chain
  • Direct billing within the network

Full Coverage for Preventive Care

Hannah, a graduate student under 27, wants to get HPV vaccines in the U.S.

  • 100% cover Gardasil 9 HPV vaccines
  • Meet immunizations requirements and birth control
  • Annual physical exams, Pap test, etc.

The First Customized Insurance Plan for International Students

Allen, a freshman, is new in the U.S. and has no idea about health insurance policies.

  • Easy-to-understand pages
  • Bilingual client support
  • Provides instant insurance ID card

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